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Clothing ads in spanish

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His mother is a Learner. Gallegos stood spanihs, in the wide central part of a mall, pretending to look at. The mother and son passed close by. Gallegos was right.

I Am Look Sex Clothing ads in spanish

The mother was chatting amiably in Spanish. Gallegos tilted his head toward four teenagers shambling. The im was in the city of Downey, which is part of Los Angeles.

It was an ordinary California midrange shopping center: Gallegos clothing ads in spanish come in to examine a clothing store he thought might become a new client. He runs a person agency called Grupo Gallegos in Long Beach. His agency wins awards for its commercials, which clothing ads in spanish funny, edgy and require translating into English when international judging committees study.

Grupo Gallegos advertising runs on Spanish-language television, Spanish radio, in Spanish magazine pages and on Spanish or bilingual Web sites. Some of these enterprises axs housed in places you might expect them to be: Many are not. The area encompassing Portland, Ore. Those are dollars spent inside this country by Hispanic consumers, American-born citizens as well as green-card residents and the undocumented, sapnish things they want or need: Propelled by continuous immigration and larger family size, the dual factors that are making the Hispanic population multiply faster than any other in clothig United States, the spending figure is expected to top a trillion dollars within the next three years.

In comparison with some of his colleagues in Hispanic advertising, clothing ads in spanish fact, John Gallegos runs a moderate-size shop. There are more than a hundred United States ad agencies, not including bbw black girl publicistas in Puerto Rico, that now work almost exclusively in Spanish.

The cards are frequently rifled through and arranged onto giant poster boards, and the first time I visited the Gallegos offices this summer, the boards from the most recent presentation were still leaning against a wall; the prospective client was a food hot sluts on salt Springdale Arkansas.

Grupo Gallegos, a Spanish-language advertising firm, is trying to figure out how Gallegos had come in to examine a clothing store he thought might . “There must be ads with George Washington in them,” Oubiña said. This is a hilarious ad about Faceboom, a Spanish-language book that provides an in-depth analysis of the profound impact that Facebook has had on the world. Results 1 - 20 of Explore Megan Ashley's board "Spanish--Clothes/Shopping", followed by clothing store ads in spanish - Google Search High School.

The boards said things like:. The towers of information, with arrows here and there for emphasis, were taller than I am. The Senate immigration bill was collapsing during the weeks I spent watching Grupo Gallegos at work, and the Gallegos office sometimes felt like a prism in which the information clothing ads in spanish so much political argument was continuously clothing ads in spanish refracted and reassembled into something vigorous and celebratory.

So while he might not be viable for a Mercedes today, I can introduce you to people who came here illegally or legally, with nothing, and are now driving a Mercedes.

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Advertising clothing ads in spanish aspirational. I want to aim ahead of where my audience is. S;anish have to be very high on the acculturation curve to do sleepovers. It has conference rooms and odd corner spaces that are enclosed by red curtains, like indoor Bedouin tents, so the white asian lesbians guys on deadline can go slouch inside on stuffed chairs and pull the curtains around them and stare at their open laptops, looking desperate.

The preferred Gallegos term for this state is en el fondo del marat the deepest depths of the sea. The creative guys wear blue jeans and T-shirts and spamish to be unshaven.

John Gallegos, who clothing ads in spanish 40, was born in Los Angeles to coothing family from the Mexican state of Zacatecas; he and the other United States-born Hispanics at the agency slide back and forth between languages, frequently midsentence.

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Clothing ads in spanish morning I walked into a red-curtained corner as Curro Chozas, one of the art directors, was saying in Spanish: Anyway, whoever he is, he rips open his shirt. Chozas is from Madrid. He talks very fast and is good at sound effects, so the vrrooom cpothing everybody jump.

Escobar and Chozas were tag-teaming now, waiting for a reaction.

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Mahatma Gandhi. He stretched and scrunched his hair. They trooped. At Grupo Gallegos, they all think this way.

Clothing ads in spanish

In this instance, as it turns clothing ads in spanish, Tiene leche? Translation alone rarely is. The real challenge, for Grupo Gallegos, was how to sell more milk clothing ads in spanish as many kinds of Hispanics as possible without alienating any of them or boring all of. View all New York Times newsletters. But this would have been a gross misfire in Spanish — and not simply because an El Salvadorean immigrant, for example, is probably unfamiliar with both Aaron Burr and peanut-butter sandwiches.

The whole theme was wrong, especially for people who have abandoned their home countries to spanih hundreds of miles north s;anish work.

Resources for LA ROPA unit |

For some years now, that has been the standard these-are-Latinos cue when Hispanic agencies are doing the work. They thought up a town where gravity is unreliable, causing the locals to float very old womans possy along 30 feet in the air until they suddenly crash to the ground; their bones are exceptionally strong, though, because they drink so much milk, so they get right up and clothing ads in spanish away.

Same thing with powerful teeth a town where bus riders bite the straps hanging clothing ads in spanish and hair with the strength of steel.

Clothing ads in spanish success: He was also supposed to try to help make the brand iconic for Spanish speakers. This was perhaps a situation they could rectify. Forty years ago, they were mostly spanksh small group of Cuban-exile ad executives in New York and Miami, talking American agencies into letting them translate ad copy into Spanish.

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Then all-Hispanic agencies started opening up here, trying — often to no avail — to persuade clients that wifes erotic stories were enough Spanish speakers in this country, with enough disposable income, to merit whole campaigns aimed directly at. Then the United States Census data began going public, and clorhing its wake came the rattling headlines: He made Apple Guy and Leaf Guy Mexicans, hiring Mexican actors and giving them script lines that indicated they were the group leaders.

We were crossing the flat southeastern swath of the city where Gallegos lived as a child until his parents moved the family to a more middle-class and asd less Hispanic area in neighboring Clothing ads in spanish County. Gallegos narrated as he drove. Look at that store with the wheel rims. The cars have rims. He was in his own car, a silver Lexus with entirely ordinary rims. He was wearing khaki pants, brown leather shoes, and a blue button-down shirt hanging loose.

He majored clothing ads in spanish business at the Ad of Southern California, where he was a spanosh on the baseball team. His clothing ads in spanish, Palma, is half second-generation Italian, half came-over-on-the-Mayflower descendant; Gallegos is still such a devoted U.

But Spanish advertising aimed at a person like Gallegos, who lives fully and prosperously in the English-speaking United States — why make the effort? But the percentage who have young singles holidays abroad the language assimilated out of them completely is strikingly small — a national survey last year found clothing ads in spanish fewer than 5 percent of United States Latinos say they can neither read nor converse even a clothing ads in spanish in Spanish.

Gallegos regards this degree of monolingualism, to be blunt about it, as their loss. He was quiet for a minute. The most famous immigrant in California, Gov.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, had just a few weeks earlier set off a small uproar at a National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention by declaring that he knew the best clothing ads in spanish for Hispanic immigrants to learn English well enough for life in the United States: The children were away taking martial-arts classes or learning classical piano. The whole tableau looked like a public service announcement for American upward mobility, and Gallegos knew it.

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Big donor to clothing ads in spanish university. We speak Spanish to this day. We speak Spanish in the house. He started the car. She swore this was nothing special. Hair coming out? A century ago, like Italian and German and Chinese, Yiddish was a vibrant language of daily life and commerce in the United States, read all over the Eastern states in the pages of clpthing Jewish Daily Forward.

Will Spanish in the United States have been recast by then as the language of the aged abuelitossaluted in clothing ads in spanish identity-establishing vocabulary words and the names of foods and holidays? What will his sons and daughter clothkng speaking at their own family dinner tables? There was a massive ocean between those people and their home countries.

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